Day 92: The Joy of York

DSCF1164At the weekend I more or less convinced myself I should go and see Dylan this evening rather than wait for my usual Wednesday visit. Yesterday’s report that Dylan had been missing me made me even more sure that this is what I should do. Today, however, I decided to check with the care home manager first and see what she thought.

There were, I knew, arguments which could be made against my visiting today. For one thing it wasn’t on Dylan’s programme so would involve a change of schedule; as well as changing the shape of today, this would affect Dylan’s programme for later in the week as I probably wouldn’t visit again on Wednesday. Secondly, Dylan had a trip to York planned today so he would probably be tired this evening and in need of downtime rather than another trip out. And, the home manager pointed out, if I wanted Dylan to accept a break in the rhythm of my weekend visits I would probably need to see this through till Wednesday.

Part of me was relieved; after an intense weekend away from home I didn’t have much energy for a trip up the motorway. Not visiting Dylan would also mean I could attend a social event this evening (though as this was a work-related thing it could go in the plus or minus column). It was Dylan’s trip to York, however, which finally convinced me I didn’t need to visit him today; a visit to York, I told myself, would be enough to distract Dylan from thoughts of his ‘mooey’. Dylan adores York. Although place names are not generally meaningful to him and Dylan has few words, he  pronounces the word ‘York’ clearly and recognises pictures of the city. Dylan is particularly taken by the Minster and city walls, and by Jorvik, a viking exhibition. I’m not really sure why this is. My only explanation for the joy is that Dylan remembers visiting the city with his beloved Gran when he was small.


This is actually my post for 14th December: I went to the social and missed the midnight deadline by a minute 🙂 The photograph of Dylan was taken in July 2011 on one of our many trips to York.


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