Day 87: Self Scan

IMG_0237I took a half day’s leave today so that I could spend more time than usual with Dylan and meet with his care home manager to review food and diet. Yesterday’s shopping trip seems to have been really successful. I’m told the care workers who supported Dylan were very pleased with the way the trip went and Dylan seems pleased too; apparently he found his favourite quorn kievs.

I was particularly impressed that Dylan had used the self-scan counter. I tend to avoid self service myself because I’m rubbish with such things but I can see how Dylan would be good at it. He’s always been interested in the check-out scan and has watched the process intently for years; doing it himself was probably a highlight of his trip 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 87: Self Scan

    • Ha! I called at M&S today to buy myself a sandwich for lunch and made myself use the self-scan machine, encouraged by Dylan. I was very nervous but it went OK and I didn’t have to ask for help 🙂 Life changing, perhaps, though I do worry that this puts check out assistants out of work…


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