Day 82: Soap And Jam

autisan 002One of the things that has surprised me is how much Dylan has enjoyed getting involved in the social enterprise activity at his residential home; as well as his woodwork project, Dylan has participated in making craft products branded ‘autisan’ which are sold to members of the public from a small shop in the home’s grounds. Today I received an email with a photograph of Dylan holding a Christmas wreath he had helped to make.

20151203_121337I took the opportunity, while attending my first parent’s meeting earlier this week, to buy a selection of winter jams and soaps from the shop. This was stress-free Christmas shopping indeed: it was pleasant, as well as useful, to chat to other parents over mince pies and coffee while filling my basket. It will be good to give gifts this Christmas which Dylan was involved in making, the sale of which will support further activities at the home.

10 thoughts on “Day 82: Soap And Jam

    • Isn’t it fantastic! I’m not sure whether it is a National Autistic Society brand or specific to Dylan’s residential home but it is, as you say, genius. I chatted to the coordinator about Dylan’s woodwork project last week at the parents’ evening. He has chosen and bought the wood so things are underway but apparently they are going to wait until the new year to really get going as they are so busy at the moment making Christmas decorations for the shop. If you get a chance maybe you could call as it’s not so far from you – it’s open 11-3 Monday to Friday ๐Ÿ™‚


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