Day 33: Three Things

I have been reflecting, today, on the factors which might have contributed to Dylan’s residential placement being such a success during these transition weeks. I suppose this has been triggered by the thought of Dylan’s upcoming review and the implications of the review for his future. It’s important that I get it right and I have learned, in the last few years, that to get things right we sometimes have to admit that we were wrong.

But Dylan’s transition to care has gone so smoothly it would be hard to build a case that it hasn’t been good for him or isn’t what he needs. I am not, generally, a person without doubt but there really is hardly any in my mind about this. It would be useful at Dylan’s review, I thought to myself, to be able to explain why it was working so well; if I could identify the contributory factors in the process, it might help other young adults with similar needs.

Soon after Dylan moved to residential care I identified three things which I thought were having a positive impact. I was confident enough to refer to one of these on Day Three because it was something I was already aware of in relation to Dylan’s care. The other two things, however, represented changes in practice for Dylan; I would need to observe over a longer period before I could be sure of their impact on him.  And, I told myself, perhaps other factors would emerge.

Today, though, I am still persuaded by my original list:

  1. 3 things 002Diet
  2. Activities
  3. Visual Communication

Each of these things has had, I believe, a profound impact on Dylan’s health, well-being and happiness. I’m sure I’ll reflect more on these over the next few weeks but right now I must go to bed. Dylan and I have a big day tomorrow 🙂

7 thoughts on “Day 33: Three Things

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